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AutoShip Subscription Service

Our AUTOSHIP service assures you will have an uninterrupted supply of your favorite HealthPower supplements. Prior to each automatic re-order, you will receive an email confirming your next shipment before it is processed. There is no risk to you and you may cancel at any time.

You can log in to your HealthPower account and make adjustments to your pending order. This allows you to change your next delivery date, add/remove other items, and update your personal information.

Our autoship option simply puts you on a scheduled delivery plan so you receive an uninterrupted supply of your favorite Healthpower supplement(s).

There are two key benefits: the first is the convenience of only having to order once. The second benefit is the additional 10% discount we provide on every autoship order.

Can I manage my AUTOSHIP account?
Yes. You are provided a username and password to your HealthPower account dashboard and you can manage the quantity and frequency that best fits your needs.

Our goal is to ship a replenishment supply before your original order runs out. For example, if you order a 3 month supply (90 days), and you selected autoship every 3 months, we will begin the autoship process about 15 days prior. You will also receive an email from us to provide you with the opportunity to confirm, modify, delay or cancel your next shipment. 

Your situation may be different. For example, if you are using your supplements at a different pace than our schedule, you can customize a plan that sets the quantity and frequency designed just for you! You can also add other HealthPower supplements to the existing subscription.

Can I cancel my AUTOSHIP plan?
Yes, you may cancel your plan at anytime. We understand that situations change and custom adjustments are necessary. We make it easy for you to manage!


Why Choose to Autoship?

  • Automatically re-orders your favorite

    products on your schedule

  • Easily change the products or shipping

    date for your upcoming Scheduled Orders.

  • Pause or cancel any time.